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Learn To Buy the Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software

So you are in need of a cell phone monitoring software and looking to buy one. If you search for these softwares online you will be able to find hundreds of these products that might to take care of all your issues. You start reading about different spy softwares and ultimately just end getting confused and thinking which software you should buy and if they are legit or not. Well, this happens to pretty much everyone who jumps into this minefield.

Now, you can just go deep and read everything about these products, like product guides, reviews and other marketing material. You will look for all the features the product provides, the prices of the product and the compatibility of the phones. On such a vast topic, you can easily end up spending a whole day trying to find the right one and eventually ending up buying a wrong product that doesn’t even fits your needs– wasting all the money and time. Yes, I have been there, which is why I think I can help you save your money and precious time.

My Guide for Cell phone spying software

Why should you listen to me? What is different about me? Everything product I write about is tested by me personally, so all information I will provide will be my personal experience not some rehashed
cell phone spy software versions of company information. Most reviews that you can find online are just re-written version of all the information on company’s website, didn’t you notice that most of the pictures they use are from the company’s website. You can’t just trust what you read, without using the TheSpyTools you can never find out whether it is good as it shows or just junk software.

I have done some quite extensive research and also tried different spying softwares, this is how I managed to find few best softwares that I am happy to recommend. You can find detailed reviews of each software on my website where I have covered all the major features and provided some details that could help you make a sound decision according to your needs. You can also checkout my comparison review where the differences between these spying softwares are described, which will surely help you choose the right software. If you like any of the spying software there you can also just click a link at the end of each cell phone spying software to view full detailed review.



What actually is Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

Technically speaking – All mobile spy softwares that let you monitor activities of a cell or mobile phone while maintaining stealth in it is called cell phone Spy software. In actual, when we use the word spy it is actually quite misleading as there are some legal restrictions on the use of such software that stop its use while being stealth. You can check out the legal section below for complete details. The biggest spy software companies have some varied features and some are just unique to a single company.

  • You are able to obtain full details of phone logs along with details such as time, date, numbers called and website visited.
  • With some monitoring softwares, you are able to listen to live calls and track there location – and see where the phone is at a particular time.
  • There are also some advanced stealth softwares that can even let you bug the target phone and listen to their surroundings. The list of these features can be quite extensive fir few companies.

Most of the people who get to know how powerful these software get quite shocked, thinking these softwares were only limited to Government agencies. In the world of technology, anyone can easily access these amazing spying softwares.

How does cell phone spying software Work?

Most of the major companies have different procedure for using these softwares and accessing information, however, there are still some procedures which are same. For example, the mobile monitoring software needs to be installed on the device which you would like to monitor, all the data which is collected is sent to the servers of the company which can be accessed online from anywhere using a specified username and password. For all this to work, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled.

  • The cell phone spying software must be installed on a phone that is compatible. To install these spy softwares you need to install it manually which means you need to have physical access there is no way to install it remotely. If you do find any company that is offering remote install software, they are Scams!
  • The make and model must all be compatible with the spy software. The top programs have a huge list of features along with the make and model of the phone compatible.
  • The operating system of all the phones must also be compatible. You can visit the website of the company and see all the operating systems they support. All softwares support different phones and operating systems and will only work with these phones and operating systems , if you make any mistake the software will not work.  Double check if the phone and operating system is compatible or not also contact their customer support if you have to.
  • The phone must have a internet connection both Wi-Fi and data plans of carriers will work.

Things you should know about phone compatibility

When it comes to selection of the phones, each company is different, however, companies that are the best support most of all major platform including, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian phones. This includes all Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many others as long as they come with an internet connection.

A Good software company will keep adding new phones to their list of compatible phones. If you do find that the phone you would like to monitor is not compatible then you can easily change to another mobile monitoring app. It is easier to do it that way.

You should know another thing that if you are using non Apple software on an iPhone then you first must jailbreak the device. You can also read my article about jailbreaking an iPhone if you require more information.

Is using these Spy software Legal

To keep it short – Yes, but it comes with some restrictions. Don’t go for all the advertisement and how they market their product saying Stealth monitoring, spying or even “spy on your spouse”. Many of these software providers will say that hype to you, however, when you look close you can see on a smaller print how to legally use this software. You are only allowed to use this monitoring software on a phone that you personally own. The target phone user must also know that they are being monitored.

You must know that if you will use these softwares illegally there can be quite serious consequences including jail! So must be extremely careful while using these cell phone spyware– Yes, some people will not notice this fact and completely ignore it.  However, it is very important to use these cell phone tracking softwares legally and I have even written a detailed article about legal use of these spy phone softwares to make sure you are using it the way it should be used.

Here is a Site disclaimer example

DISCLAIMER: This software is designed for monitoring employees and children, and only on a phone that you own or are allowed to monitor. The user of the monitored phone must also know that they are being monitored. If all this is not followed, it can lead to breaking state and Federal laws. If you try to use this software on a phone that is not in your possession or have proper consent, we will work with law officials to full extent.

Who is actually using Cell phone monitoring software?

Cell Phone Monitoring The actual question be, who is using this software legally?  Yes, Government security agencies are able to use these Phone Monitoring Software, but they also use it under some legal processes and they also don’t get these softwares they way you and I get it.

The power to track activities of any cell phone just by buying the software with a credit card openly, I am sure you know how this technology can be abused.

Corporate businesses are using these Monitoring Softwares both legally and illegally to track their employees and competitors both.

With every illegal use, you are also able to use this software legally in a good way. You can use this software to monitor activities of your young children to make sure they are safe – get to know who they are having contact with and where they are with the help of tracking features of these softwares.
You can easily use this software legally to track your employees by only using it on company owned phones and having written consent that you are allowed to use it. You can use it to track employees on the field without any need of individual tracker to know where they are. It is also good to make sure that the company phone is being used properly without any unauthorized use.

If these softwares are used properly, they can be affectively used while providing security and saving money. Don’t think law can’t do anything about it, if while monitoring you are caught, the penalty can be severe.

How you can find out which software package is best for you

By now you must have understood how these softwares work, who is actually using it and how to use it legally. All companies offer different packages based on which device the software needs to operate and how much information they need to monitor. You will need to select a package that is perfect for your needs and it also the cheapest. So try to be organized and check out few things before buying one.

How long do you require this service?

For example, may be you need the software for a short while to checkout some record to confirm some suspicious. In this situation, it is better to go for a short term package will be good that can easily be canceled. If you need long term surveillance, like for your children then it is better to choose long term package at it is more convenient.

How much detailed information you require?

If you don’t require many features and just want to keep track of text messages and call logs along with date and time stamps then going for a basic package is more economical. However, if you need advanced features such as GPS location in real time, live monitoring and also call recording then you need to go for premium packages that will also cost more.

How many phones you are thinking of monitoring?

There are also some packages that can let you use a software for up to 3 devices which can be perfect if you are thinking of using the software on more than one device. Other softwares can only be used on one device but you are able to move the software from one device to another by uninstalling and reinstalling on another device. This can be quite handy if the target phone is changed or upgraded to a better version.

Carefully pick the Cell phone Monitoring software Company

Unfortunately, there are still many companies out there that are just scams or plain useless. They only
mobile spy software care about the money and are not ready to provide a good service or product. If you need an example then Spybubble would be a really good one. It’s a pathetic software that is worth nothing but still being sold for above $40.

You need to protect yourself and do some research before buying the software. Here are some points that you should consider before choosing the company for buying Spy phone software.

Website of the company

Check out their website and see if it looks legit and how easy it is to access it. It is very important to see how easy it is to access the website of the company as while looking for logs generated you will have issue if the website is hard to access. To see if it easy to access, try accessing the website 7-10 times, if you can access it easily then all good. I once had a issue with a software company, as I was not able to see the logs as the website was full of errors and poor management.

Look for all the information of the site. The best websites offer a lot of information instead of just forcing buyer to buy the product. They will have their own support forum, some files for knowledge, easy to see compatibility charts. If you see a website that doesn’t provide much info and has only few pages, there is a good chance it is a scam.

Supported Payment methods and options

All major spy software companies offer similar features and payment structures, as they are directly competing against each other. The company must offer different packages with different time limits like monthly or yearly options. It is always wise to go for monthly offer first to test out the services and see if how they work for you. If you are satisfied with the service you just upgrade to a bigger package or time option.

Beware for the ones who offer one time pay for life time. They are mostly just scams and even if they are real, do you really expect to receive same service after a year and are they going to upgrade? For payment protection, make sure you are able to pay via PayPal or credit card.

Guarantees and Cancellation

See if you are able to cancel your subscriptions ­– if the company is legit they will have a good cancelation policy that will be easier to find and understand.  Shady companies don’t show this information or hide it somewhere in a small print that is almost impossible to find.

As it will be a software download the guarantees you will get will be a bit different from the one you get with a physical product but the consumer rights are still yours. The will put all the burden of selecting the right product on you, you will have to choose the product according to the phone compatibility. If you make a wrong choice then you should know if the company offers a refund or not – always look for the small print, it has all the core info.

Support and Help

You need to make sure they have a good customer support service and support reliable methods of communication. Look for all the contact methods they support, do they have any telephone number? Don’t just see these options, also try them. Call them and see if someone picks up or ask a question in an email. Many people who buy this service never realize how important these options are until they face an issue and all their emails go unanswered and the number is dead.

These simple tips can help you in many ways and you can easily see which company is legit and will work for you. It is quite risky to trust online services so be smart and stay away from any shady companies.

It’s All Up to You Now!

Now, you have to decide which software works best for you! I can’t tell you which is the best software as I don’t know what your need is but you can easily find the right software. Although, I can tell you which companies are actually reliable and they can be trusted. You need to understand which information you require and what type of phone you would like to monitor and then look for the right service according to these needs.

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