Cell Phone Spying Tools and Reviews

free app for spying on spouseYou do not have to hire some detective to spy on someone anymore because these days, everyone has his or her secrets concealed in their smartphones. If you think that you do not know how cell phone spying tools operate on someone’s mobile phones and you might need an expert for that, then again No! Simple because you can do that all by yourself.

There could be several reasons to spy on someone and there are many cell phone spying apps available in the market like bestcellphonespying.com  Whether they are your best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or children and for that, there are many remote cell phone spying apps and tools available in the market. I have tested many cell phone tracker software personally, thus, I have an idea that which spy phone tracker or spy cell software has what features.

While choosing any spy software, it is crucial to find the one that is feasible to use with technical support for your smartphone and without any monthly subscription. Avoiding the phone spy software with a monthly subscription is helpful because then it is very difficult to cancel the subscription.
Same as that, you must not think about going for some free cell spy stealth software or free spy phone app because they are not going to give you any long term support. The free trials are available for a shorter time period and most of the features are locked, which means you are only wasting your time for saving few bucks.

Conclusively, all you need is a spy cell phone app that could assist you like a professional in cell spy stealth the smartphone of your choice. Remember that the cell phone monitoring software must be user-friendly with 24/7 customer support and if they do not have, then there is no point in throwing away your time and money.

Being a researcher on cell phone spying without installing software, I have closely examined many cell phone spy software and come up with these top 5 cell phone tracking software. You can trust me with the fact that best cell phone spy apps are entirely different from what you have seen around you in the regular cell phone spy devices.  Cell phone monitoring apps are not going to disappoint you in any way.

Best Cell Phone Spy Software Apps (Personally Tested)

how to spy on someones text messagesAfter doing thorough research on spy software for cell phones, I have observed that some cell phone surveillance apps are totally distinctive and advanced while some spy phone software are just like those old times traditional ones.

But, for my readers, I have compiled the list of these below remote monitoring software with their merits and demerits. With these, you can make preferences that which cell control remote spy suits your requirements and returns you well too. Following are cell phone monitoring software reviews for android as well as iphone, android phone spyware reviews are also reviewed :

mSpy (Top Cell Phone Spy Software)

Mspy is the  top cell phone spy software which offers user-friendly, vigilance and advanced tracking solutions. The top rated spy gear for phones remotely spy the target phones and meet your needs on corporate and domestic levels, both with the reasonable charges. This computer spyware for cheating husbands is also very useful to avoid any theft risks of your smartphone because it has proper GPS system with location tracking.

Most importantly, their customer support service is available round the clock that is most important for any user. If you stuck anywhere, the technical team is there to guide you and solve the query. Their online chat is also very quick.
mSpy provides you the features like:
  • Track GPS location
  • Spy on Cell Phone without installing software
  • Spy on cell phone messages
  • Monitoring of internet usage
  • Track cell phone text messages
  • Spy text messages without touching the phone
  • Reading emails, etc on smartphone and tablet.
Likewise, for desktop, there are the features like:
  • screenshots
  • user activity
  • installed apps
  • keylogger
  • user activity
  • Skype, etc.
  • Computer spy software
  • Website monitoring software
  • Computer monitor software
  • Employee monitoring software
  • Free pc monitoring software
If you are looking to avail best parental control software 2016 on a broader level, then do this via Affiliate Partner Program. The spy app to monitor kids phones is highly useful for the parents as well.It is considered to be the best spyware for kids phones.
spy text messages without touching phone
The best phone monitoring software is compatible with the operating systems like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS. You can also search for the compatibility by entering your device’ model on their website.

With detailed procedure and guidelines, mSpy has given the procedures for installing cellphone spy on jailbreak iOS device and without jailbreak iOS device.

Not only that you can spy on traditional messaging services, but you can also have full update spying on SnapChat stories too. If you want more details about functions and reliability of free cell phone spy software, then this company has got very positive reviews on their website.

No matter in which region you are situated, cell phone spy app is supported with any cellular service and anywhere in the world.For any legal matter, the mSpy can be used without any hassle, but if you want to cross that line, you might face charges. So, beware while using the child cell phone monitoring software.

The mSpy works with the platforms like Sprint, T-Mobile, and iPhone, Android, Orange, AT&T and Virgin mobile. The great thing is that iphone monitoring is available for $8.33 monthly. This is certainly nothing when it comes to the security of you and your loved ones.

Cell phone spy without touching target phone works in the background silently while keeping an eye on every move of the user. The call usage can also be monitored and analyzed with this smartphone spy easily.


how to remotely hack someones phoneBe it any mobile phone or tablet, Flexispy offers its one of a kind service on 16 messengers at a time. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, or Android device, the Flexispy performs better than any other best mobile monitoring software.

You get the characteristics like:
  • Spy on passwords
  • Spy remotely
  • Spy on GPS
  • Spy on IM Chats
  • Spy on messages
  • Spy on apps
  • Spy in secret
Flexispy is feasible to install and use with timely upgrading. There are two packages of Premium and Extreme is offered with different price range. The supportive team is present 24/7 for consumer guidance.

Apart from these features, unfortunately. The program does not ping you with the notification if there is any inappropriate content present in other phones. Also, you cannot block the contacts, apps, numbers, websites, etc with this application.

The program must be more users friendly as there are mostly layman people using such cell phone spy apps or those who are new to the technology. They cannot get into any details as compared to any tech expert. Flexispy lacks a bit in user-friendly category.

For $350, you are getting professional cell spy now, but that is way too high for this sort of cell phone recording software spyware.


When it comes to naming the best phone spy software, remote cell spy software is a must thing. It lands on number #3 on my list.  Purchasing and installing this app is pretty quick with all new traits for Whatsapp spy, Skype spy, geofencing spy, Gmail spy, Message Spy, etc.

Whoever’s phone you want to spy on any cell phone, the Spy Phone Online will make it possible within no time.  The information gets uploaded to your device and you can monitor that what activities are happening in your targeted phone.

Be it for your spouse, for your children or for the employees, you can look into their every detail with this cell phone spy apps iphone easily. The customer support service by spyphoneonline.com is very assistive and they are available to guide at any moment you ask them for.

Everything you wish to see from your targeted phone can be approached with cell phone spy without touching target phone. Although, you need some practice for cell spy stealth contact number, but gradually user becomes used too of smartphone spy camera.

For the concerned parents, this is ideal software because it helps you in mentoring the growing children activities very feasible. Whatever they are messaging from their messaging apps and whatever they are browsing, you will have a complete update of it.

If you think that your partner is cheating on you, then simply download this app in their phone and watch the details in your spyphoneonline.com’s portal.

Not only that you get written information on your device, but you can also listen to that phone’s surroundings. Check that what events are being marked in the calendar and which files are present in the multimedia folder. What else you ask more for? Due to cell spy stealth complaints, many people do ask is cell spy stealth legitimate?

Highster Mobile

track cell phone text messagesIt is another finest developed spy program in the market on which, you can rely upon easily. So, if you have doubts about anyone, this cell phone spying app is all that you need to find out about their actions. From spouse, children or friends to the employees, the spy phone app is going to serve all your necessities.

You cannot only monitor the text messages or monitor cell phone without access but can easily get an access to the Facebook messages, Whatsapp, browser history, contacts, Instagram messages, etc.
The amazing thing about this text message spy is that you do not need to touch the intended phone and you can have all the access to it just from your Control Panel.

The program is designed with the latest technology that does not let you caught while hacking text messages without the phone.  All the videos made or photos taken from that phone will land in your email address without any delay.

The Highster Mobile is supported on all the Operating Systems and in the case of any issue; their customer service will assist you at any time. The customer service is not like make you wait for hours and hours while it rapidly serves its customers and solves their issues.

If you are a newbie, still this app is very easy to use and it does not take hours to install rather within few minutes, the app is installed on your phone.


For parents and employers, the MobiStealth gets you the answers that you want to know. With all the developed surveillance, you get all the information picked from the targeted mobile phone to your MobiStealth account.

Your children are secured and you have an eye on the activities when they are away. Same, when your partner is somewhere and you want to know, just get that done with the GPS and by peeking into their Calendar.

Good thing is that free cell spy software never gets revealed and everything stays undercover. For many partners and parents, this text message spy is a blessing to have. Spy on cell phone is also very easy and after few attempts, you start using it without any hassle.

Many users have shown their trust in monitor cell phone activity free and also have praised their customer service. They offer you live chat and on call query solution. You do not have to wait for hours in line for your number too. This is because of extra number of customer service representatives.

Monitor all the chats occurring in the cell phone and keep yourself updated with every single word. The happenings in the surroundings are also very easy to find out with MobiStealth and no one will ever get to know.

Things to keep in mind before started:

track cheating spouse cell phone
  • Prior to installing any mobile spy software, read everything about and ensure about it being virus free. Always go for the reliable company, which has a reputable name in the market. If there is any company claiming that they offer you cell phone spy without touching target phone, then do not go for them.All free spy apps without installing target phone donot work as described, so be very careful in this regard.

  • Before starting any spying activity, you need to install the cell phone spying app and verify it with the license key that you are provided when you purchase the iphone spy app and activate the iphone spy apps without access to phone.

  • Now, login from your account and check the information received from the other phone. The phone hacking software chosen from the above-mentioned list will always give you the best results.

Ensure that your Spy App is legitimate:

  • Like explained earlier, if any software company offers you spy iphone without access phone, then they are suspicious. It is better to not to install them.

  • For installing the best iphone monitoring apps for parents , you need to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone or iPod. For jailbreaking, there is free online cell phone spy guide present on the internet through search engines.

  • For checking the information from Facebook, Emails, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc, you need to root the Android device. Whereas, if you want to see the data from GPS, multimedia, browser, applications, calls, messages and camera, then you do not need to root it.

  • Ensure that the iphone spyware without phone access company has 24/7 customer service available and whenever you need them, they would be present for troubleshooting and guide you for the solutions. Ask them before buying the spy software for cell phones if they have competent professionals sitting to hear their problems.

  • Good research online and good research on the ground are extremely important when you are going for such purchasing. Satisfy yourself completely and then go for that cell phone text spy free.

  • If you are unable to or could not jailbreak the Apple device, then go for the cell phone spying without installing software that is offering you free cell phone spyware apps without phone.

Company’s physical office:

When you are going for the cell phone spying and best phone monitoring software company, ensure that the company is based in your region and they have some physical office present as well. They have proper staff along with the functional customer service.

24/7 Live customer support:

Live customer support is the backbone of any business these days. Moreover, they must be capable of handling your problems occurring at odd timings. The answering phone is essential for any such company and if they don’t, then they are not reliable.

Company’s website:

Mobile spy and web monitoring software reviews should have their own website with all the required information. Their website must be updated and professionally done. Instruction, online purchasing options, and FAQs must be correctly placed on the website. The website should also contain the Disclaimer section so that consumers could look into the legal details as well.

What after installing the Cell Phone Spy software?

When you have purchased and installed the cell phone recording software spyware, but still there are questions that needed to be answered, and then you need to contact the company. If the company is not responding to you and is unable to meet your queries, then you must reinstall the highster mobile tracking software free and go for the other one.

There could be mistakes sometimes while choosing the free cell phone spy download, but then you always learn from the mistakes. Thus, be careful when any free spy phone software Company does not respond to you correctly.

Go for the company that you have investigated and authenticated:

A reliable and professional mobile spy software company will have a functional customer support system that will listen to your grievances even at the late hours. You can look at it in a way that when you will visit their website, office or customer support, you will always find them updated and responding.

Moreover, there would be strong and positive reviews about these companies online too. Just like I have provided you with the most trustworthy companies and their reviews. Always look for the discussion forums where users discuss spy on cell phone without touching it,hack into someone’s phone without having it and recommend others about the right company.

They are mostly true and provided by the real time users. So, you can rely on these discussions too. For the top notch services and reasonable prices, the above-mentioned cell phone spy free software is the best ones.

The attractive thing about cell phone spyware without target phone is that they do not have any hidden charges neither they ask for any updated charges later.